Daycare Club (Coming Soon)

We will offer a variety of daycare facilities to the community who are willing to come for the day and have lunch and spend the day with us at Lifecare.

Recreational programming to encourage conversation, laughter, mental stimulation and physical activity. Planned activity program with daily exercise, yoga, relaxation, meditation, games, outings, Gardening, Dancing, music, movies, arts & crafts, and memory enhancements.Our daycare drop off is from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Recreation programs may be large, we do parties, dancing, laughing therapy, retail therapy, food preparation, painting and drawing or as outings into the community. At certain special outings (luncheons, coffee & cakes, etc.) Residents have to pay for their own expenses.

You will be encouraged to participate in various daycare activities please call 52540767  for more information.



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