Alzheimer Clinic


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive degenerative brain disease, and the most common type of dementia.

People affected by Alzheimer disease have progressive and frequent memory loss. With time they may become withdrawn and develop trouble in thinking, planning, working, interacting socially or looking after themselves.

Lifecare Home runs an Alzheimer’s clinic, its a specialist clinic for people with neurological problems resulting in memory loss, confusion, difficulty in speech and understanding change in personality, aggressive behaviour, hallucination and /or depression.

Our Care home offers a comprehensive care program for Alzheimer and other memory disorder, including neurology consultation, physical and cognitive rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. Since cognitive and behavioural problems affect the family our care team features dedicated, compassionate and caring team members in helping our residents and their family members to live with both the good and bad days that go hand in hand with memory loss.

we know that  memory loss affect every residents differently. Our care team value each individual and recognize their individual preferences and needs.

We focus on understanding each residents in order to support and help them in their daily living, in a comfortable and secured environment.

The mission of the clinic is to join hands with the residents and their family to alleviate suffering by offering the best in medical care by combining the latest scientific know – how, medical technology and personalize care.

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